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Filter choices [Jan. 1st, 2008|12:16 am]


Filter Choices

one liners
unedit story
story summaries
icons and wallpapers
suicide ali
staff post

Ok, the semi-private one I have already added those who I know had my "privatecalla" journal friended on it, but some new people on here didn't know about it, so, this is their and your chance to request to be added to it or if you know you're probably in it, to be taken off. To sum it up is: It's my journal, and I'll post whatever I want, and you WILL read it, whether you like what I say or not. It's for those who will respect that philosophy and are willing to let me COMPLETE freedom of speech when I need to have it's release. Also note this filter is really up to MY discretion - your request to be added to it will be considered, and only acted upon once I feel I can trust you. And even then I may not add you, as I talk about a lot of - bitchy things. If I think you are going to flip out on me, or go off on a rant about it privately or non-privately, then you will NOT be added to this filter. It is a filter designed for my absolute anger, disgust, sadness, lust, love, secrets, etc. In short it is a PRIVATE filter. I am blunt in it. I am rude. And I may even talk about YOU in it. However, to even be considered for this filter you must comment so I know who you are.

Why was this filter necessary? People acting like they should tell me what to do, and what to say all the time. Which in turn made me feel more enclosed in myself, more angry, more sad, and finally trapped. So, note, if you are not added, just because you say and think you are being open about me, you are not being added for a reason. It may not even be because I don't trust you - it may be as simple as you make me feel as if I shouldn't have the right to say what I need to say I'm thinking and feeling sometimes.

One liners works in the same vein as the above filter. Until now I was going to leave them public, but due to, I guess, their vagueness and I suppose cryptic manner they've freaked at least one person on my friends list out to the point where they've emailed me about it. Out of respect for their nerves, I'm not making them public, nor am including them in the above filter at all or the one liners. So, that tells me if one person is freaked out by it, it's possible others may be as well. The one liners are basically me explaining what is going through my mind/emotions at the moment with out me being detailed. Sometimes (ok a lot of times) it only takes a sentence for me to explain everything going on with me. It's an effective method I have been using in my private journal(s) for quite some time now. So, I know it's not new to me, but is possibly to everyone else. This filter is very open to new people and anyone can ask to be in it, and will be added due to it's vagueness. But keep in mind:

A. I will very rarely explain what I mean
B. May post SEVERAL of them a day and they may or may not be related to the same thing
C. No matter how cryptic or vague they are - it does not necessarily mean they are a bad thing
D. Again, you will respect the philosophy that it's my journal and this is my method of release.

Unedit story is for those who on the rare occasion I will post a story here anymore, want to read it unedited - even if it has er, naughty-ness in it. This is for original stories. Rating on this is "R" one could say. Why do I write "R" rated material, then edit it? Because I try to be a detailed writer. I want you to see what I am seeing. Therefore, I have to write scenes in full detail sometimes before I can edit them so that the PG versions make sense. That may NOT make sense to you, but you don't live inside my head either. So, don't think on it to much... just decide if you can stand graphic content or not. Note: I usually do not lj cut entries. So, these are not going to be dial up or mobile friendly.

Stories differs in that this is for those who will be reading the public FF.Net safe stories (will include fanfiction and originals). This means edited to be PG-15 at the highest rating. Note: I usually do not lj cut entries. So, these are not going to be dial up or mobile friendly.

Story summaries is just that - summaries of my stories fanfiction and original fiction a like. Note: I usually do not lj cut entries. So, these are not going to be dial up or mobile friendly.

Icons and wallpapers are.... have you guessed? Icons and wallpapers I have made. They can be anything from Jrock to anime to American bands or artists to just weird stuff. Also you may receive a dose of fangirling in these entries. Note: I usually do not lj cut entries. So, these are not going to be dial up or mobile friendly.

blood, lo:lita and suicide ali are of course band filters. At times I may post something special for ONLY my friends list about these bands, or take the fans who friend this journal into my confidence concerning a public issue with that particular band. A good example is what happened to Kisaki-sama, former Suicide Ali staffer. This filter was used to explain to those the real reasons for her dismissal, not what the public thought were the reasons for it. Also sometimes, I post MP3s of these bands in this filter. The MP3s are specifically uploaded for this friends list only, and are not to be distributed. In short personal use only. Therefore, everything said or done in this filter is CONFIDENTIAL. So, don't abuse the privileges it will afford you.

Staff post is not an optional filter. You can not ask to be put in to this filter. You are only put into this filter if you are BLOOD, lo:lita, Suicide Ali or Morrigan Inc staff. It is only stated here in the event that a member of these bands, a staffer from these bands or Morrigan Inc, friends this journal with an unrecognized/new username. Note: I am not BLOOD staff, I just know a lot of BLOOD staff members and things most people don't due to being a veteran supporter of this band.

If you do not indicate any filters you will not be added to any of them.

[User Picture]From: akumu_himitsu
2008-09-03 08:49 pm (UTC)

Hello. New friend.

Thanks for adding me. I'm new to live journal. I saw your journals while googling BLOOD and thought you were cool. No, I'm here specifically for BLOOD, I honestly thought you were cool and thought I'd friend you. Filters: you can put me where ever you want.
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[User Picture]From: moonofmorrigan
2008-09-06 11:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Hello. New friend.

OK, I'll be sure to add you to the BLOOD filter, and also maybe add you to the one liners. As for the story filters and such, I don't add unless you request it. :P But you can make that request at anytime.
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