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Communites [Jul. 25th, 2010|09:35 am]

I decided to do a community promo post. All of the following are communities I own or moderate. Most are deader than the dinosaurs. I'd appreciate some members and above all activity. I don't want to feel like I'm talking to myself here.

askfordls Ask For Downloads [This is just what it says it is]

authordiscovery BLOOD Role Playing Game [Again, just what it says it is. There was a demand for it at some point - but eh, well, it's RPG either way]

fanficclique The Fanfic Clique [Again, an awareness comm but strictly for fanfiction, while the other is for all types of authors and stories.]

fyclique The Fushigi Yuugi Clique [This is a comm for Fushigi Yuugi lovers of old. Again, it's new, so I haven't done anything yet with it, but it's open to members and discussion.]

gacktfanfiction Gackt Fanficition [I think everyone knows about this one - and it is what it says it is... so far I think I'm the only person who has posted anything there... *pokes other Gackt fanfic writers*]

harrypottercuts Harry Potter & The Cut Out Scenes [I made this a while ago. I still haven't done anything with it. But hey, it's open. It's basically open for discussion about the scenes that were in the books that were not in the movies.]

hiddenscrolls Hidden Scrolls Writing Community [An original fiction writing comm.]

idea_graveyard Story Ideas Graveyard [This comm is for those story ideas that never made into written form, but you would like to see someone, somewhere take it over. So, you post your idea, and let someone adopt it.]

jadeafics JadeA Fics [This comm is for the posting of all my written works. I am the only person who can post here. Fanfiction is open to the public. Original works are all members only. Anyone can join and comment, but unless I co-write a novel or fanfic, only I can post here.]

japanese_haven Japanese Haven [Do you love Japanese culture, language, history, food? Or really anything at all (including anime) to do with Japan? Here is the comm for you. All discussion about Japan is open. Well, except one thing... but I doubt anyone will use it for that.]

larasnovels LE Diamond's Novels [This is a closed comm. I approve all members. This is a comm for betas, book artists, and myself to post in. All posts are members only as the discussion and things published there are going to be marketed in the furture. If you want to offer yourself up as a beta or artist or co-writer I will probably accept you - only if I know your work and like it.]

lolitatheband Lo:lita the band Community {self-explanatory. Like BLOOD, the band is dead, but the comm and memories still live. Welcome to also talk about Rob Gray and the other former members bands or activities as well.]

quasasoon Quasasoon: Children of the Night Series Home [Again, only I can post here. Unless someone wants to write a side story for my vampire series... Only I can post here. Comments are of course welcome. All entries are kept members only except for quizzes. I came to the conclusion, it was best to put it on a public journal again.]

suicideali Suicide Ali LJ Community [Um, yeah... if you don't know what this is for, then I can give you a clue. Look at the name of it.]

syrupofmorphine Syrup of Morphine - BLOOD fan community [This is a comm I moderate but do not own. It's for the band BLOOD.]

thedreamtales Dream Tales [Are you a person who remembers your dreams and writes them down? Here is a place where you can share them with others. This comm is not meant to be used for mystism or anything like that - just a place where you can write down your images of the night, and hopefully, get comments that say, "That was wild!" "Or that was interesting/scary, etc." I mean, if you're not journal collector like me. :P You are welcome to talk about what you think you mean if you like and are in to that sort of thing... but it's not the comm's intention.]

theoneliners One Liners [A comm where you can be as vague or direct as you like - as long as you put it all into one sentence.]

theshroudedday The Shrouded Day RPG [A semi- recent comm I made, for an original RPG. You create your own character and weave it in with the rest of community's. Never advertised this one much since I'm still working out the world it is in. However, bank on it being twisted. :P]