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Morrigan's Journal

Spin Moon Magic


Icon image credits (all icons were made by me, but the images were scanned or captured by others unless otherwise stated): xof1013, http://gackt-pfb.narod.ru/ and various websites and their uploaders.

Personality: While I was ordained by God and fate to be all woman in the sex department - my personality is with out a doubt mostly described as "a girly gay boy".

You may know me as Calla, or to the older first on the internet folks I was around as Zenobia. I write fanfiction as well as original stories too. I am an unpublished (but hope to soon change that) author. Most of my work is fantasy, though I am not confined to one genre - nor one specific type of style. I will sometimes post my works in filters. I RARELY LJ CUT ANYTHING - INCLUDING STORIES. My work is intended for audiences PG-15 up to adult oriented matter. I also work as an agent for Suicide Ali. I am a retired indie band agent. I've worked with bands such as Suicide Ali, lo:lita, Vamp Star, and BLOOD. I tend to like goth rock and techno goth rock. I like some j-rock and visual kei despite what it may sound like to other people.

Note: I am HORRIBLE about replying to comments. I will eventually. But it's usually like months and months later. So, please feel free to comment, but realise if you're gonna be a regular, I'm going to end up sending you lots of comments ALL IN ONE DAY. So, if you don't get a reply right away, it's not you... it's my "comment system".

Anonymous Commentors - it is enabled. However, sign your name if you choose to comment. Two reasons: 1. It's rude not to do so. 2. It's creepy if you don't. Note also, IPs are logged.

I rarely do friend cuts, so if you friend this journal, in most cases, unless you prove to be someone who is mentally unbalanced, you will stay friended here. I may post several times a day - at times with just one liners. I can be angsty and full of anger. I can be silly and random. I can be a lot of things in one day.

I collect journals like people collect stamps. So, here is a list of journals open to the public:
jadeafics (My Writing Archive)

onyxandjade (Dream and Scene Writing Journal))
chocolateerotic (Concert, Media and any other types of reviews & reports)

My Kitty is lots of love

Suicide Ali Adoration

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